30a Artist collects Texas Relief Donations

Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. - Devastation and heartbreak from Harvey continues tonight in Houston. People all over the country are organizing relief efforts for Harvey's victims. A Walton County artist is trying to provide them with some of life's necessities.

The devastation in Texas struck a nerve in Justin Gaffery. The South Walton artist is collecting donations to be delivered to the 'Cajun Navy.' 

"I think we all want to help. Everybody is like, what can I do, what can I do, ya know? And so, Amanda had approached me about what kind of relief effort we can do," said Justin Gaffery, artist. 

"The Cajun Navy was supportive in this and said 'Yes, this is the list. If you can get it to us, well great, this is the times we will be here," explained Amanda Kaiser, Justin Gaffery Gallery Curator. 

Louisiana's 'Cajun Navy,' is a calvary of private citizens, who volunteered with their own boats to rescue those in need during the historic floods last year in Louisiana. As word of the devastation in Texas grew, members of the Cajun Navy came up with a plan to deliver supplies and help. 

"I really hope 30a, South Walton community, even Destin, Panama City, North Walton, that we all can come together and collectively make an impact to people that are going through hardship. These are people that we know. They come visit our area," said Kaiser.

Items needed range from non-perishables food, baby essentials such as formula and diapers and cleaning supplies. Gaffery plans to fill a van and a 16 foot trailer to take to the Cajun Navy, who will then transport the items from Louisiana to Texas. 

"Of course this can all happen to us here, maybe not as bad of flooding but, we've all been through hurricanes here and been without power but, never that bad of devastation," said Gaffery. 

Gaffery and his team will keep the vans open each night until 10. Their goal is to fill both from top to bottom. You can drop off donations until Saturday, when Gaffery heads to Louisiana to meet the Cajun Navy. That location is 21 Blue Gulf Drive in Santa Rosa Beach.

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