23rd Street Flyover Progress

Panama City, Fla. - A nearly $68 million project is underway in Panama City. The construction will cause lane closures this week. Starting today, workers on the 23rd Street Flyover project will be working on the East bound outside lanes on Highway 98 by 23rd Street.
The Flyover will improve safety and reduce travel delays once complete. This intersection improvement project will only cause closures at night for a short time.
"The work we are doing here is apart of our temporary roadway that people will be using for the next few years as we construct the Flyover. People have seen a lot of progress in this area but this is another great milestone for this project. Once this temporary roadway is open, people should have a seamless transition as we continue the work over the next couple of years to finish up the fly over here at 23rd Street," said Satter.
The area they are working on right now is the two connection points for the temporary roadway. One is at the East side of the Hathaway Bridge and the other end is near the Jefferson area.
"We will be working over night for about a week or so trying to get these connection points done. We are looking to open up a temporary roadway towards the end of March. We've got some work to do here, as well as spring break coming up. We want to make sure that opening coincides with less traffic in the area. Especially, for those visitors coming in during those peak months there in March," said Satter.
Even though they will be closing lanes, it shouldn't cause any additional delays on Highway 98. The construction will start around 10:30 p.m. and go until 6:00 a.m.
"The key part here is that we are doing this work over night. So it should have the least amount of impact to traffic. They are going to be off the road and out of the way by 6:00 am, before the major of our traffic starts moving through this area. You should see minimal delays, if no delays here through the evening hours," said Satter.
The FDOT says their goal is to finish the temporary roadway by the end of March to avoid causing traffic during peak season.

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