20 Years Since Kemberly Ramer's Disappearance

DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. - Today marks a painful anniversary for a Walton County mother. 
"It's hard to move on when you don't have answers about your child," said Sue Infinger.
It's been 20 years too long for Kemberly Ramer's mother Sue Infinger. In 1997, 17-year-old Kemberly vanished in the middle of the night from her father's home in Opp, Alabama. At the time, she went back and forth between her father's home in Opp and mother's home in DeFuniak Springs. For the two decades that followed, hundreds of tips and searches came up unsuccessful for her whereabouts. 
"I believe that foul play was there and I believe that she died, but I have no idea where her remains are," said Infinger.
Infinger has come to terms with her daughters fate but not with all the unknowns. 
"Somebody knows something. And I'm ready for it to be known, whichever way they have to do it," said Infinger. 
This, now a well-known cold case across the Alabama Border in Walton County. 
"We're going through thousand and thousands of pages of records but really some interesting stuff has already come up, some things that we think are of merit," said Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson.
Sheriff Adkinson said the case file was spread across multiple agencies across the region. But with the cooperation of the FBI, within the last month, Walton County has obtained the file in its entirety and investigators are revisiting all the evidence and tips they've received. 
"So many people thought they knew things about this and they didn't know a thing about it. However we couldn't just disregard it, we had to go through everything and eliminate what is plausible and what is not plausible," said Sheriff Adkinson. 
They also assigned two investigators to work solely on the case with cooperation from surrounding agencies. 
"We said now it's time to go at it as hard as we can. So we've assigned staff to it and they are working full-time; this is what they are working on," said Sheriff Adkinson. 
Still with more questions than answers, it's closure that Infinger wants. 
"Please. Just look at me and give me some answers because I'm dying inside and I want my baby home, I want to be able to bury her like she should be," said Infinger.
If you have any information about Kemberly Ramer's whereabouts, please call the Walton County Sheriff's Office or your local law enforcement. 


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