Kid Friendly Sunscreen

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - There are a ton of sunscreens on the store shelves right now, but there are a few that compare to one like this.

"It actually has glitter in it," said Dr. Jon Ward, dermatolgoist at Dermatology Specialists of Florida.

Made by two mothers in South Florida, the super sparkle sunscreen is a zinc based water resistant, scented, sunscreen, that will leave your kids shimmering in the sun.

"I any kid in your group has this, they all want it. its a really fun sunscreen," said Dr. Ward.

Dr. Ward says get kids excited to apply it, which is so important when spending time outside.

"Most of the damage you're gonna get is before the age 18, so its so important for those children to wear their sunscreen," said Dr. Ward.  

If glitter isn't your thing, or maybe your child has sensitive skin, Dr. Ward says Blue Lizard is a great option. 

"It only contains zinc and titanium, which are great sun blocks," said Dr. Ward. "Most sunscreens have chemical blocks, not physical blocks"

Dr. Ward said Blue Lizard is also safe to put on your newborn. 

Whichever brand or type you may chose, keep in mind the American Academy of Dermatology recommends an SPF of 30 or greater. Dr. Ward said when they're all around the same price, choose the higher SPF.

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